What to Visit Outside Jerusalem Center

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Attractions Outside the Center

In this page I am mentioning the attractions that you may need some kind of Transportation in order to reach.
See this Interactive Google Map with all the places mentioned later on (the highlights are marked in Red) :

Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial – Shoah memorial

What is it ?

The most prominent museum about the Holocaust, it is about the murder of 6 millions Jews during the second world war.


This is a must visit for every human being, a very interesting museum. You need a few hours to see, hear and read some of the exhibitions.


It is about the ghettos, concentration camps, death camps and forced labor camps. It is about the Jewish communities that existed in Europe before the Holocaust.
You will see recorded personal testimonials of survivors, objects from that period and a lot of information about the second world war in general.
Again, this is not a happy visit but a very important one, it will not leave you indifferent.
Entrance is free. Read about Yad Vashem in Wikipedia and at Yad Vashem website.


The Yad Vashem museum is located in Mount Hertzel and there are great views over the valley. On your way back to the Tram, you can pass through the nearby famous cemetery where the tomb of Hertzel is located. Hertzel was the visionary of the state of Israel, around 1900. (Read about Hertzel in Wikipedia).


How to get there ?

It’s easy. From the Central Bus Station take the Tram (light train) till the last stop “Mount Zion”. Then you just have to walk 10 minutes till the museum. (There are also some bus shuttles to avoid the walk).
Look at the following Map (Click to enlarge) or at the Google Interactive Map above.


Israel Museum

What is it ?

The most important museum of Israel.


The Museum is mainly about two disciplines :
1. Human History in the land of Israel throughout the ages, with a lot of archeological exhibits.


2. About Art.


Very large collections, including full scale models of synagogues, art from Asia and Africa and much more.


There is also a model of Jerusalem from the period of the second Temple


And under this strange white dome, there are the Dead Sea Scrolls that were discovered in Qumran area and contain amazing ancient texts, including bibles. Read about the Dead Sea Scrolls in Wikipedia. Read about the Israel museum in Wikipedia and Israel museum website.


In front of Israel museum, you will see the building of the Knesset, the Israeli parliament. People are fighting inside this place.
If you happen to be on the right day, you can visit inside the Knesset.
Read about the Knesset in Wikipedia and visit the Knesset website for visit information.


If you walk in the direction of the Knesset building and behind it, you can relax in the Rose garden:


After the Rose garden, you can enter the Cinema City mall, to eat something. And after that, you can continue and walk to the central bus station, instead of taking the bus.


How to get there ?

Bus 14 or 66 from the central bus station, or walk for half an hour.
Look at the following Map (Click to enlarge) or at the Google Interactive Map above.


Harmon Anatziv Promenade

What is it ?

A promenade offering one of the best views over the city.


How to get there ?

Bus number 78 from the central bus station or from the city center. About 15 minutes ride.
Look at the following Map (Click to enlarge) or at the Google Interactive Map above.


The Zoo

What is it ?

A big zoo with cute animals.

If you had enough of holy sites in Jerusalem, come to visit animals in the Zoo of Jerusalem, it is a nice and big Zoo. You can also visit my Vegetarian page.

How to get there ?

From the Bus Central Station :  bus number 31.

Look at the following Map (Click to enlarge) or at the Google Interactive Map above.


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