Is it Safe to Visit Jerusalem ?

Regarding terrorism :

Reasonably safe, when it is not a period of special tension.

Contrary to the image that people have in mind regarding Israel, the country is not constantly at war. Usually a war lasts a certain amount of time, let’s say a week or a month and then it ends and life returns to normal. Because we are human beings, the effect on tourism, doesn’t end with the war, it takes about 2 years till the tourism returns to the same level, that’s the power of images seen on TV.

Now you are probably asking yourself : How would I know if it is a period of special tension in Israel ? Quite simple, when there are special events in Israel, they are always on the world news, so just open the TV or better, do an “advanced search” in Google with the time period set to the last month and with the word “Israel”.

You must realize that safety is a little bit tricky, no one can guarantee you total safety anywhere. There are terrorist attacks in France, in the U.S, in Thailand and even in a peaceful island in Norway. Terrorism is not the only danger existing when traveling, there are also road accidents and airplane accidents and health accidents and accidents in general and that’s why we need to talk about staying reasonably safe.

What about general delinquency ?

About the same as in western countries. You can see a list of homicide rate by country, in Wikipedia.

What about dangerous neighborhoods in jerusalem ?

There are no specially “bad neighborhoods” in Jerusalem with high levels of delinquency, in the style of the big cities in the U.S.

The Palestinian villages in the outskirts of Jerusalem could be tricky if you happen to be a Jew dressed in black and speaking in Hebrew, but otherwise it may be fine.

What about traveling alone in Israel ?

It is fine. It is safe and easy to travel alone in Jerusalem and all Israel. Also for girls.

Travel Insurance – Health Insurance

Think about doing a Travel-Health insurance for your trip to Israel. It guarantees medical assistance in case of accident or medical problem.
See what I wrote about this topic in the page :  How to find a Travel (Health) Insurance for Israel.

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