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To and From Jerusalem

How to get from the Airport to Jerusalem

The International Airport (Ben-Gurion Airport) is located between Tel-aviv and Jerusalem, about 40 Km from Jerusalem and 25 Km from Tel-Aviv. It takes around 40 minutes to travel between Jerusalem and the Airport. (from the Airport to Tel-Aviv see here).


Option 1 : New Train

A new train line from Jerusalem to Tel-Aviv via the airport.
Note : The new train will start in October 2018 and the service during the first few months will be very disturbed.
The journey till Tel-Aviv takes about 30 minutes and to the airport 20 minutes. The train station is located in front of the Central Bus Station.

Option 2 : Public Bus

Bus number 485 (operated by Afiqim company). It goes every hour, including at night. It doesn’t function on shabbat day. It has several stops in jerusalem including the Central Bus Station. Price 16 Shekels.

Option 3 : With Shared Taxi Service

Shared Taxis (“Sherut” in Hebrew) are minivans that can take about 10 people. They are flexible and can get you down at different points in Jerusalem.
The Shared Taxi service runs also at night and at Shabbat day.
From the airport, you just have to get out of the building and you will be directed to one Taxi-van. They leave when they get filled with people.
From Jerusalem to the Airport : You can pick a Shared Taxi from the Central Bus Station (they leave about every 20 minutes) or reserve by phone. One of the big companies is Nesher.
Common price  : About 60 Shekels per person. Use this Currency Converter

Option 4 : Taxi

They operate all the time. There is a boarding point outside the terminal.
Common price  : About 280 Shekels for the Taxi. Use this Currency Converter.
There is also a Taxi Fare Calculator, of the Airport site.

How to get from Jerusalem to Tel-Aviv

transport6Option 1 : New Train

A new train line from Jerusalem to Tel-Aviv via the airport.
Note : The new train will start in October 2018 and the service during the first few months will be very disturbed.
The journey till Tel-Aviv takes about 30 minutes and to the airport 20 minutes. The train station is located in front of the Central Bus Station.

Option 2 : Bus

From Jerusalem Central Bus Station, bus number 480 to reach the Central Station at North Tel-Aviv and bus number 405 for the  Central Station at South Tel-Aviv.
In Tel-Aviv, the South Central Station is the bigger one and the one you may want if you need to make a bus change in order to travel to other Israeli cities. Otherwise, it is better to reach the northern bus station because :

  1. It is easier to reach destinations inside Tel-Aviv like the town center, the beach…
  2. The place is smaller, easier and much more pleasant than the South central station.
  3. The Tel-Aviv Central Train station is nearby, if you want to go to Haifa, for instance.

See the location of the two Central Bus stations in Tel-Aviv.

Location of The Main Central Bus + New Train Station of Jerusalem

Located on the left side of Jerusalem, close to Tel-Aviv highway.
See on Map here or on the Interactive Map above


The Bus Companies and Information on Bus Lines

It is recommended to download to the smartphone the application Moovit (free). It works fine in Israel. The application detects the bus station where you are and tells you which lines are about to arrive. You can also consult bus itineraries. Of course that you need an internet connection on your smartphone.

Egged is the main Bus company, operating in Jerusalem and on National lines.
See Egged Website for information about lines or call them at *2800 or 03-6948888

More Bus Information Sites and Route Planners:

Bus.Gov.Il   Phone:   *8787 or   052-9998787 or   072-2588787  Phone :  1-900-72-1111 

Location of the Train Station Malka (not the main one)

It is an old train line that runs in mountains and valleys and the journey to Tel-Aviv takes 2 hours instead of 45 minutes by bus. So if you want to make a trip with a nice scenery and especially if you have children and you don’t have any idea how to entertain them, then take this train.
This Train station is not located in a conventional location, it is far away from the city center and the Central Bus Station. It is located in the South of the city, near the mall Malha. See location on the Interactive Map above

Location of the Jerusalem Bus Station for the West Bank

You may take a bus from this station in order to travel to Palestinian towns like Bet-Lehem and Hebron. For other destinations in the West Bank, the bus may be from the regular Central Bus Station.


Transport Inside Jerusalem

The Tramway (Light Train)

tramjeruFor now, there is only one line of Tramway. It is slow compared to an underground system, but still very convenient and easier than looking for information about buses. You can use the Tram to reach most of the tourist attractions, especially the old city and the town center and the Holocaust museum.
Here in the Map, you can see the central part of the line, the part that gets from the Central Bus Station to the Old City and the City Center :
(or see it on the Interactive Map above)


See how to get to each Tourist Attraction at the Tourist Attractions page.

The Tramway doesn’t operate on the Shabbat day and at night.

You can visit the official Tramway site, for more details.

How to Pay for the Tramway :

You must have a valid ticket when you get on the Tram, there is no way to purchase a ticket on board (at least for now). There are automatic vending machines on each boarding platform and you can pay for the ticket in cash or with a credit card. You can also fill your Rav-Card card with these machines. There is usually a waiting line (an Israeli waiting line) in front of these machine so you better purchase your ticket in advance so you won’t miss the Tram. Once on the Tram, you need to scan your ticket with the machines inside.


For all the cases that the Tramway doesn’t reach your destination, take the bus.

See how to get to each Tourist Attraction at the Tourist Attractions page.

The Ticket system – the Rav-Kav Card

ravkav1The Rav-Kav card :

It is an electronic card that you can “fill” with transport tickets (individual tickets, monthly tickets and so on). That way you don’t have to pay cash to the bus driver or use individual paper tickets.

The easiest way to fill the Rav-Kav, is with normal credit, called “accumulated value” or “stored value” (in hebrew : “Ereh Tsavur”). All the bus companies in Israel and the train of Israel and the Tram of jerusalem, recognize the “Ereh Tsavur” which means you can pay with it for all the transports in Israel.

Discount tickets :

When you fill “Ereh Tzavur” into your Rav-Kav card, you get more money than you actually pay, which means you get 20% discount on the Transports. So it’s better to use the Rav-kav card, instead of buying individual tickets.

There are also other types of tickets that may save you money like a monthly pass.

Where to get a Rav-Card :

There is a Rav-Kav office in Jerusalem Central Bus Station. Also in Tel-Aviv, at the 2 central stations. Sometimes, you can get one from the bus driver.

Where to fill Credit inside the Rav-Kav:
  1. Inside the buses: with the driver or sometimes automatic machines.
  2. Beside the Tramway : with the automatic vending machines on the platforms.
  3. Online, there is a website in hebrew.
Note :
  • The Tramway of Jerusalem and the Buses are operated by different companies.
  • It is possible to travel in the Tram and buses without having a Rav-Kav card. In that case, for the bus, you pay the driver in cash. For the Tramway, you use the automatic vending machines.


A Bus Ticket or a Tramway ticket inside Jerusalem : Around 7 Shekels.
A Bus Ticket to Tel-Aviv, Return Way : 32 Shekels.
Use this Currency Converter to get the prices in your local currency.


Yes, there are many Taxis in Jerusalem. Most of the Taxi drivers are honest, but make sure the Taxi-Meter is running at the beginning of the ride and that you are not asked special prices just because you are a tourist.

Transport in Jerusalem on the Week-End – Shabbat day

Unfortunately, because in Israel religious parties have political power, there is no public transport the day of Shabbat in Jerusalem.
The Shabbat day is not exactly Saturday. It starts on Friday at sunset and ends on Saturday at sunset. The buses and the Tram will stop to run a little bit earlier and re-start a little bit later.
There are Taxis on Shabbat day.
So, on the week-end, if you don’t want to use Taxis, stay in a place where there is a lot of food. Another option, is to come for the week-end to Tel-Aviv, the transport is a little bit better on Saturdays, there are shared Taxis running.

Sightseeing Bus

There was one (bus 99), but apparently it doesn’t function anymore.
You can find many tours in Jerusalem and the surroundings in the page about the guided tours.

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